Deploying BOSH Lite v2 on AWS

Install the BOSH CLI

You need to install the BOSH v2 CLI.

Deploying a BOSH Director

Your goal is to deploy an instance of BOSH Lite v2 - a scaled-down version of BOSH in which the Director uses containers to emulate VMs.

Note for AWS users: In some training sessions you may already have a BOSH Lite v2 instance set up for you in AWS. If not, you can set one up yourself by following the instructions on this page. If your instructor has provided you with a VPC, Security Group and Elastic IP, jump to deploying the director.

Note for other users: Provided you have a machine with sufficient resources, you can deploy a BOSH Lite Director locally by following these instructions. Then skip to checking your deployment at the bottom of this page.

AWS Setup

Before setting up our BOSH Lite v2 Director, we’ll need to create some resources in AWS.


  1. Let’s start with a VPC. Open the AWS Console, and select VPC. On the next screen, click Start VPC Wizard. Complete the VPC form with the following information:
Field Value
IP CIDR block
VPC name bosh
Public subnet
Availability Zone choose a zone for your region
Subnet name public
Enable DNS hostnames Yes
Hardware tenancy Default

Click Create VPC and click OK once VPC is successfully created.

  1. Click Subnets and locate the ‘public’ subnet in the VPC. Make a note of the Subnet ID and Availability zone, which you will use later.

  2. On the VPC Dashboard, click Elastic IPs and click Allocate New Address. In the Allocate Address dialog box, click Yes, Allocate. Note down the IP, which will be used later to access your Director.

  3. In the AWS Console, select EC2 to get to the EC2 Dashboard. Click Key Pairs and click Create Key Pair. In the Create Key Pair dialog box, enter “bosh” as the Key Pair name and click Create. Save the private key locally, and change its permissions as follows: chmod 400 <path to private key>

  4. On the EC2 Dashboard, click Security Groups and then click Create Security Group. Complete the Create Security Group form with the following information:

Field Value
Security group name bosh
Description BOSH deployed VMs
VPC select the bosh VPC you created earlier

Click Create. Now we need to add some rules to this security group. With the security group selected, click the ‘Inbound’ tab and press edit

Fill in the following inbound rules:

Type Port Range Source
SSH 22 my IP
Custom TCP Rule 6868 my IP
Custom TCP Rule 25555 my IP
All Traffic All id of your security group

Deploying the Director

Run git clone

cd bosh-deployment
git checkout 2c1f713

The specific BOSH command we’re going to run has further dependencies. Make sure you have installed these extra dependencies.

Now we’re ready to deploy our BOSH Director with the following command:

Note: If you created your own VPC using the instructions above then $EXTERNAL_IP is the elastic IP that you allocated.

bosh create-env bosh.yml \
  --state=state.json \
  --vars-store=creds.yml \
  -o aws/cpi.yml \
  -o bosh-lite.yml \
  -o bosh-lite-runc.yml \
  -o jumpbox-user.yml \
  -o external-ip-with-registry-not-recommended.yml \
  -v director_name=$DIRECTOR_NAME \
  -v internal_cidr=$INTERNAL_CIDR \
  -v internal_gw=$INTERNAL_GW \
  -v internal_ip=$INTERNAL_IP \
  -v access_key_id=$AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID \
  -v secret_access_key=$AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY \
  -v region=$AWS_DEFAULT_REGION \
  -v az=$AZ \
  -v default_key_name=$DEFAULT_KEY_NAME \
  -v default_security_groups=[bosh] \
  --var-file private_key=<path/to/private/key> \
  -v subnet_id=$SUBNET_ID \
  -v external_ip=$EXTERNAL_IP

Great! If that all went well, you should now have a BOSH Director. In order to access it, export the following environment variables:

export BOSH_CA_CERT="$(bosh int creds.yml --path /director_ssl/ca)"
export BOSH_CLIENT=admin
export BOSH_CLIENT_SECRET="$(bosh int creds.yml --path /admin_password)"
export BOSH_GW_USER=vcap
export BOSH_GW_PRIVATE_KEY=<path/to/private/key>

Checking your deployment

In order to continue you must be able to run bosh env successfully, which should produce output similar to the following:

  Name      BOSH Lite Director
  UUID      b1c3a0d6-cd0b-4ff9-9b6a-c80f9c34cf79
  Version   264.7.0 (00000000)
  CPI       warden_cpi
  Features  compiled_package_cache: disabled
            config_server: disabled
            dns: disabled
            snapshots: disabled
  User      admin
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