The CF Top plugin for the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI) allows users access to the output of the Loggregator Firehose to view metrics based on privileges. Users with administrative privilege can view routing and application metrics from all CF applications, while non-administrative users will only see routing and application metrics within the orgs and spaces they have been assigned.

In this exercise you will install the CF Top plugin to gain access to all metrics. You will also modify the user you created in a prior lab to be able to successfully run the plugin. This exercise was selected as it does not require external tools.

Installing the Plugin

You may need to add the plugin repository to your cf CLI, although it is possible that is already there.

cf add-plugin-repo CF-Community

Now you can install the plugin:

cf install-plugin "top" -r CF-Community

Viewing the Firehose Metrics via CF Top

The plugin added a command to your cf cli. Run the following as the admin user to see the firehose output:

cf top

Now run the plugin as the user you created in a prior lab. What do you see?

Assign User Admin Scopes

Running the plugin as a non-administrative user resulted in a limited view of metrics. This was due to the user not having the appropriate permissions to run the command. Permissions within CF are broken into two categories: User or Administrator/Operator.

User level permissions are governed by setting Roles using the CF CLI. Examples of user roles are SpaceDeveloper, OrgManager.

Administrator/Operator level permissions are governed by setting Groups using the UAA CLI (uaac). Examples of these scopes include cloud_controller.admin and doppler.firehose.

For a complete view of all the metrics, the user requires the operator level groups of cloud_controller.admin and doppler.firehose. Let’s go assign them.

Install uaac

sudo gem install cf-uaac --no-ri --no-rdoc

Target Cloud Foundry’s UAA endpoint.

$ uaac target --skip-ssl-validation

Unknown key: Max-Age = 86400


Obtain a token by using the credentials from deployment-vars.yml found under uaa_admin_client_secret

$ uaac token client get admin

Client secret:  ********************
Unknown key: Max-Age = 86400

Successfully fetched token via client credentials grant.
Context: admin, from client admin

Assign the groups to the user created in a prior lab. Use uaac member add -h for guidance.

Now login/relogin and run cf top to see the group change take affect.

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