Upgrading with BOSH

In this exercise, we will upgrade the stemcell used by MySQL. You can also upgrade Cloud Foundry, but this will take longer as cf-deployment is far larger than MySQL.

Updating the stemcell

Search https://bosh.io/stemcells for a newer minor version of the Ubuntu Trusty bosh-warden-boshlite stemcell. If there are no newer versions, use an older minor version to downgrade instead (the process is the same).

  • Use BOSH to upload this stemcell to your director.
  • Modify the MySQL deployment manifest with the new stemcell version.
  • Deploy the change.

Note: This deploy can take a long time depending on how many packages need to be compiled.

Note: Releases may not work with stemcells significantly higher or lower than those specified by default in their manifest. Check the release’s documentation for details.

Note: In non-BOSH Lite v2 environments, where there is more than one VM for each instance, deploying/upgrading with BOSH incurs zero downtime.

Checking Your Work

Run the BOSH command that logs out the details of all of your deployments. If all went well, you should see the new stemcell is in use.

Using environment 'env' as client 'admin'

Name      Release(s)                   Stemcell(s)                                          Team
cf-mysql  cf-mysql/36.10.0             bosh-warden-boshlite-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent/3468.22  -        latest

Note: The same logic applies to changing the version of a release being used by one of your BOSH deployments. Simply upload the new release, change the manifest, and re-deploy.

Congrats! You just upgraded a running cluster with two commands!

Beyond the Class

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