Please ensure you have the following before starting the class.


These training materials are targeted at people:

  • With little or no Cloud Foundry/BOSH experience,
  • Some experience using Linux-based systems, and
  • Who are comfortable using the command line

System Requirements

The course will require you to set up a virtual machine, and provides instructions for doing this in one of two ways:

  • In Amazon Web Services (preferred)
  • Locally on your own laptop, provided you have sufficient resources and permissions.

In either case, you need a laptop with a command line SSH tool, and the ability to install software.

Organised training sessions often provide an AWS environment to students. Where this is not the case, follow these instructions to prepare your own environment before beginning the course.


Laptop Requirements

Please ensure your machine has at least 8GB RAM, and 100GB free disk space. Smaller configurations may work, but significantly smaller configurations will not.

Required Software

Please install the following:

  • It is recommended that you ensure you laptop cannot “sleep” during class. If you use a mac, you can install caffeine.
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